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Forget about the old image of a Mechanic covered in grease and oil. Mums and Dads don’t tell us your son will make a good Mechanic cause he is “good with his hands.” (That normally means he struggled at school). The reality is, the modern Diesel Mechanic needs to be very good academically as well as very capable practically.

The trade is full of technology that is rapidly developing. As an example, just one truck rolling down the road can be equipped with twelve or more electronic control modules. This may include Engine Management, Transmission Control, After-treatment controller, Body Builder module, Air Bag module, Vehicle Information Controller, DIP Instrument Display module, Climate Control module, Driver Assist (Lane departure assist / Emergency braking), Central Security module, Vehicle Immobiliser, Compressed Air Management, EBS Braking system… just to name a few. And most of them communicate with each other on a high-speed CAN network. A Diesel Mechanic needs to be a fast learner and committed to life-long learning to keep relevant with the latest technology.

Maintaining heavy vehicles to strict manufacture and NZTA specifications also requires great attention to detail. The slightest amount of play in steering ball joints may cause a truck to wander over your side of the road. An imbalance in on just one of the 18-wheel brakes or incorrect air bag ride height may also cause undesirable vehicle stability. Remember these 44+ tonne mammoths are coming at you on the road at a closing speed of 190 kph. There’s huge responsibility on the shoulders of a Diesel Mechanic to maintain the highest safety standards.

The transport industry runs on tight margins and the cost of unnecessary vehicle downtime can cripple a Transport Operator. Mechanics need to work at pace to diagnose faults, identify parts requirements and manage the repairs as fast and accurate as possible. This commercial pressure requires a certain amount of resilience and self-motivation to be successful.

Having said all that… a career as a Diesel Mechanic is hard to beat! There is always something new to work on; no day is ever the same and there are challenges to keep you on your game. Fixing a complex electronic fault or starting up an engine you just rebuilt gives you huge job satisfaction and this job could take you anywhere in the world. It’s also a career that grows with you. Starting off as an Apprentice leads to becoming a Tradesman and can also develop into Foreman, Supervisor and Management roles. If managing people is not your cup of tea you can become a parts, product, application or technical specialist.

Transport Repairs has started recruitment and if this career sounds great to you then we would like to see your application. Maybe you Mums and Dads could also encourage your Daughter to apply because this is a changing industry and Transport Repairs would like to choose from a pool of the very best and diverse applicants. Good Luck!

To apply go to our applications page

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